Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Slps mcreate story ‘about me’ kt e-portfolio blog..
Trasa mcm nk continue lg kt sini..
Coz dkt c2 x leh nk merepek..agak formal sdkit..
Almklmla..dh asgmnt namanya..
So need to be a bit serious..
So mari kta create crite lg ..
Act nk smbg ckit aje yg tntg soulmate i2..
Bkn utk apa2..hnya saja2 n suka2..
Tau mmg x kn dpt pun yg cm2..
Coz diri sendiri pun ntah apa2..
Tp x pe, cuma berimaginasi shja..
Org kata..klu nk yg tbaik, mst jd yg trbaik dulu..
So lets improve ourself..

…..Story begins…..

I would like to meet someone, who shares similar qualities and interests to mine, however I don't expect us to be exactly alike because I know sometimes-differing qualities can complement one another. I am looking for a companion, someone who is knowledgeable about many things as well as someone I can communicate honest and openly with. I like to have someone that respects me and my family. Hmm what else..?? I am also looking for someone that can accept me as I was. Not try to change me, listen to my dreams, understand my heart, give courage n confidence and also love. I want someone that can explore my physically and emotionally. Someone that can explore my mind, my ideas, my anger and my joy. I want him to laugh and even cry with me. I need someone who can share everything with me..such a friend. Do not try to keep something from me even it is small things because I need to know. I need someone that not stingy with his money. He must will to share with me what he has. But it does not mean that I want his money. Ohh..that was not me. The important things that he must have is Islamic knowledge in order to teach me if I don’t know. Well, I am not so Islamic like my friend even studying at IIUM. That was me..huhu. I am also looking for someone who can guide me in such things because I am dependent person even I am the eldest in my family. That’s my friend said. But it might be true sometimes. Last but not least, responsible person, non-smoker's and trustworthy is another important criteria that he must have.

….Ends of the story…..

Hmm so many things that I want to share here..
But for the time being..that was enough..
Sometimes, not all the things we can share together…
I will stop here for a while..
Let’s continue with other things.

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